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  • Paula Pötschick

Micro adventures: Your journey starts at your doorstep- an idea for the next holidays

The corona crisis has severely limited our options for going on a short holiday, and the climate crisis makes us look at the nearer vicinity as a holiday destination sometimes, in order to avoid getting on an airplane. So, what to do if you don't want to or aren't allowed to leave condensation trails in the sky?

And why actually plan a long time and spend a lot of money when a real little adventure is waiting for us right on the doorstep?

The microadventure phenomenon provides a remedy and there's not even much to consider.

Except that the adventure may only be undertaken on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. And the whole thing should last at least 72 hours.

This means that one weekend is enough to become a real adventurer.

But first a few basic questions.

What should be packed?

Food for the next few days is most important, as the goal is to be far away from civilization, at least apparently. A sleeping bag and at least basic cooking utensils wouldn't be bad either. A small book on edible plants also allows for the occasional spontaneous snack along the way.

Clothing based on the weather forecast can save you from catching a cold or overheating, a first aid kit might also not be a bad idea.

And if you want to, pack a favourite person – then you can decide together whether to go left or right, whether it's an edible or a poisonous mushroom and whether the noise in the bushes came from a bird or from an aggressive wild boar.

Where do you sleep?

Camping at non-designated sites is forbidden in Germany. However, camping (also called bivouacking), i.e. spending the night in the open air, is allowed as long as it is not done on private property, nature reserves or other places where it is expressly prohibited. For all legal experts and interested parties, the legal situation regarding overnight camping in German forests and meadows is more than confusing and varies from federal state to federal state. However, the basic rule is #leavenotrace, i.e. leave everything as it was found.

Where should we go?

You don't really have to think too much about this question, because you are only limited by your means of transport. Besides, the point actually is not to plan everything from start to finish.

In Brandenburg, there are many rivers and lakes where canoes or other boats can be rented and used to explore them and see different places near the water.

The microadventure can become particularly adventurous by setting small missions in advance that have to be fulfilled. This could be, for example, discovering ruins or climbing mountains.

In general, it's about just getting out, leaving everything behind and relaxing. Spending time in nature may not always be easy , but Bear Grylls will surely be proud!

Get out of the daily grind and into (micro) adventure.

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